The Sky Is The Same Colour Wherever You Go

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chapters 14 – 16 Conflict

Through out chapters 14 to 16, conflict arises between Marina, her beliefs, family, relationships and soul.
Marina still has a longing love for Andre, the organ player with a face of Michelangelo’s David. He was an electrical engineer at the University of Tehran, though after the Islamic revolution he had been teaching English, Physics and Math at a Armenian School.
Marina felt like she had betrayed Arash, as she is starting to love someone else.
While in Evin she missed Andre very much and continually thought about him and whether he was thinking about her.
Ali had asked Marina to marry him; he gave her 3 days to think about it with. He warned her if Marina refused his proposal he would have her parents, and Andre arrested and taken to Evin, Ali would create a political record against them as well.
“I had put Andre and my parents in danger, having no trouble that Ali’s threats were serious, I had to do what he wanted me to do.”
Marina agreed into marrying Ali, though Ali’s parents wouldn’t accept her unless she converted to Islam. She had lost her family, the man she loved, her freedom, and all her hopes and dreams, now she had to betray her faith.  Ali promised to be a good husband to her, to provide for her and give her a new chance for life.
Though Marina cannot throw Andre, converting religions, not letting her parents know about this force wedding, behind her so fast. Marina and Ali get married at a small ceremony at Ali’s parents house, with only Ali’s sister and her husband and Ali’s parents.
Marina never imagined this is how her marriage life would turn out, her Christian beliefs meant she could chose whatever man she desired and she would marry on love not according to money or politics. Once Marina and Ali get married they move out of Evin and she is on house arrest on a street near her Auntie’s house. Marina finds it extremely difficult to live with him as she is scared of him, his occupation and power; he sexually abuses her to carter his own needs. Ali is notified that there are assassins of the Fadayian political party who are after authority powers such as Ali. Marina and Ali leave their home and move back to Evin, Marina is moved to 207 an isolation room, were she is by herself, she often welcomed girls who had just been brought in and tortured to comfort and help look after. At the end of the chapter Marina gets moved back to ward 247, there is catches up with Sarah and her other prison friends. She also has a re-trial and her life sentence in jail gets reduced to 3 years, this dramatic decrease is because she turned to Islam and married Ali a well respected revolutionary guard.

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  1. I really like the points of conflict you mentioned. It cleared up for thing for me. Really well done.